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Who I am and what am I actually doing here

Ever since I was a little kid, all my enthusiasm for life has flowed through being creative. In every corner of nature, there is energy that makes me jump for joy. Capturing this beauty, putting it on paper, or creating it yourself is what makes my heart beat faster. 

I love beautiful color combinations, patterns, and cute, cheerful things like small flowers, friendly animals, and the scent of the forest.

My destiny on earth in this body is for me to listen to myself again and again and to make conscious decisions for my life direction. To follow what makes me truly happy from the inside out to the outside. I go against what our society is currently leading and trust myself and my intuition first.

With my work and what I do here on earth, I want to arouse emotions in you, make you think or create, appreciate and enjoy yourself.


Thank you for your message! I'll answer you as fast as possible.

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